Bachaana movie review
Bachaana movie review

Bachaana Movie Review : The Roller Coaster of Excitement

It might sound a bit late for you to go through this review but I have done all my level best to give you a true picture of the movie review through this post. Well, just go through different sites for Bachaana movie review and you’d end up messing things whether you should go for it or not. I have tried to sum up all of that stuff without any bias so that you could make a decision on your own whether to watch bachaana movie or not.

Well, let’s start with the pre-release buzz created about the movie. Bachaana movie official trailer won great applause and within just few hours of the trailer release we experienced an unparalleled hits. People loved it and there is no doubt. The trailer sounded impressive just the same way both Mohib Mirza and Sanam Saeed did. The cinematography looked great with scenic beauty of Mauritius. Beautiful locations promised beautiful experience. Right from the melodious strings attached to the great performances, the movie had hit a high octane node.

Let’s get back to the Bachaana movie review now. Well, the best part with this movie is that it is Pakistani. Some reviews suggested that it should be watched only to support Pakistani Cinema but is it the only thing to drive to the cinema? NOT AT ALL. Bachaana saves your money as well as it gives you good entertainment opportunities throughout the movie. Although, the movie is a bit shorter than the usual standard length but it really does justice to the movie plot and strategy.

Bachaana movie review

Bachaana movie review

Some of the media called it the copy of Bajrangi Bhaijaan. How do you think it to be like that? NOT AT ALL. It might sound alike but it is a different treat to watch. You can’t compare it with the Bollywood flick.

Let’s check out the story of the movie. Bachaana movie story revolves around an Indian girl who comes to Mauritius with her husband after getting married over the internet. The things turn wrong as the girl find it a cheat and gets help from the taxi driver, a Pakistani boy. What comes next is what the whole movie goes through. It is all about Bachaana from the villain, Adeel Hashmi.

The Bachaana Movie Music deserves thumbs up. Yaari, the title track has already made it big. The performances are great. The director Naseer Khan has done justice with all of the characters. The movie was made in quite a short span of time. Although there are some glitches when it comes to some action scenes as they could have been much better. The movie start is fast and pacy, second half is a bit slower, fewer clothes and low budget could be something to irritate those who just want to hate it but they are certainly pluses.

Overall, the Bachaana movie is a Paisa Wasool and a complete family entertainer romcom. Go watch it and let us know your feedback. We star it 4.

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