Guddu Documentary Film for Heroes of Pakistan Contest

Guddu documentary film is quite into the town for its contents and based on the love of a person for Lollywood film industry. The movie revolves around that love and all the contents of the love. This short documentary movie was created for contesting the currently going short film content “Heroes of Pakistan” and there are certain chances that the winner of Heroes of Pakistan might be the badge attached to the Guddu short documentary movie.

guddu documentary movie

guddu documentary film

The movie has been directed by Muhammad Hakeem for this contest. For the lovers of this short movie, they can vote for its win on the following link

The Guddu short documentary film revolves around the perfect love rather obsession of an average person for the golden times of the Lollywood film industry and its golden days when there were super hit movies, songs, etc. His love for the same has been depicted by the collections he has made throughout his life and converting his home to more of a film museum.

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