NIda Chaudhry in Gunahgar Haseena
NIda Chaudhry in Gunahgar Haseena

Nida Chaudhry’s Gunahgar Haseena to Start This Month

Nida Chaudhry Lovers would love to see her in her upcoming Pakistani movie Gunahgar Haseena which is going to set on the shooting floors by the end of this month. The film is going to be an Urdu feature film but as the title suggests, it has something to do with the past experiences of Nida Chaudhry films 😛

NIda Chaudhry

NIda Chaudhry in Gunahgar Haseena

The film Gunahgar Haseena is set to release by this Eid ul Fitr as told by the director of the movie Arshad Khan. Other cast of the movie Gunahgar Haseena includes Zoobi, Shahid Khan, Sobia Khan, Ahmad Butt, etc. in addition to Nida Chaudhry Hot Pakistani stage Actress. Wait and watch for the Gunahgar Haseena Trailor to be launched soon.

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