Pakistani Movie Jhol Starring Ali Azmat and Urwa Hocane in Lead

Look and Behold and get surprised, yeah! You’re getting it right, its their time to jump into tinsel town together and they are none other than Ali Azmat and Urwa ready to spin the magic on the silver screen together with their soon to release flick Pakistani Movie Jhol. Pakistani Movie Jhol Starring Ali Azmat and Urwa Hocane in Lead is going to be a romantic-comedy. What else could be a better thing to do when Ali Azmat can make things happen?

Pakistani Movie Jhol

Pakistani Movie Jhol

Pakistani Movie Jhol Official Trailer has not been released yet. But NO Worries as we have the very first look of the Jhol Pakistani film. The Pakistani Movie Jhol release date has been announced to be this EID. So, why not to surprise and get excited? The Jhol movie music shall be released accordingly as well.
Other big names that are associated with this upcoming Pakistani movie in 2017 are Bilal Ashraf and Salem Meraj playing some powerful roles to shine with the leading stars. This is something to be a super excitement for Urwa Hocane and Ali Azmat fans. Urwa turned down Blooywood flick earlier for the same Pakistani film and we wish her very very best of luck.
Pakistani Movie Jhol Review and updates shall be brought forth soon as we get to them!

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