Pakistani Movie Mission 5 by Shaan Shahid and Shiny Toy Guns

Its time to hold your breath for new Pakistani Movie Mission 5 by Shaan Shahid and Shiny Toy Guns! This is the very first collaboration and joint venture between the two. The best part of the movie is Shaan Shahid of course but there is something new added to that, do you know it? Behold, its Shaan Shahid to jot down the screenplay of the movie. It would be the first movie by Shaan as a writer. Let’s hope it to be the epic!

Pakistani film Mission 5

Pakistani Movie Mission 5

Riaz Shahid Films and STG have joined hands together for the production of Mission 5 Pakistani film. The film is set to go on the shooting floors by the November 2014. The Mission 5 release date is EID UL FITR in the year 2015. It is still in the papers now. As soon as the Mission 5 official trailer is released, we’d keep you posted. Mission 5 first look would be released well before time.

Some very good and the prestigious names are going to put their efforts together for the movie. For example, BAFTA winning DOP Nicholas D. Knowland who is well known for his work in Jinnah, The veteran stylist of Pakistan, Nabila and two names from STG, Asad ul Haq and Ali Murtaza.

Farhan Tahir, well known for his work in Iron Man and Star Trek, is the main antagonist and of course, going to be the main attraction for the Pakistanis across the globe.

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