Ready Steady No

Ready Steady No – Latest Pakistani Movie starring Amna Ilyas

Ready Steady No – Latest Pakistani

Ready Steady No – Latest Pakistani


What does certainly sell in the Pakistani film industry? It is nothing but comedy and this is where Ready Steady No comes to steal the show. This upcoming Pakistani movie, releasing in 2019, stars Amna Ilyas and is expected to give us some good laughs. The movie is directed by Hisham Bin Munawar and features Amna Ilyas as the lead heroine.


Ready Steady No poster has been released and it looks a bit different from other typical posters. Featuring both the hero and heroine, Amna Ilyas and Faisal Saif, the poster looks colorful and shouting. The movie is undergoing its final post-production work. Salman Shahid, Ismail Tara and Marhoom Ahmad Bilal are also going to give us some artistic works in the movie. Ready Steady No would be a Pakistani comedy movie, revolving around two lovers, who face various obstacles, in their journey of getting married.


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