Saba Qamar as Qandeel Baloch in Her Biopic

Bold, Beautiful and Daring, what else do we need to play Qandeel Baloch other than Saba Qamar. This is confirmed as she posted one of her lookalike photos on instagram and we went drooling over time and tide again.

Pakistani bold beauty with immaculate talent is going to make her Bollywood debut soon sharing screen with one of the top stars, none other than Irfan Khan. Saba Qamar is well known for her personal characteristics having great persona. She is one of those few stars of Pakistani Industry that have made their unforgettable impressions.

Saba Qamar as Qandeel Baloch

Saba Qamar as Qandeel Baloch

Let’s see how it may come. Whatever, it is going to be a challenging task for Saba Qamar and we hope she would add another feather into her cap through this unprecedented effort. We cant wait for this upcoming Pakistani movie.


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