Upcoming Pakistani Movie Operation 021 releasing soon in 2014

So, this is the time to give a new taste to the Pakistani Cinema with the Upcoming Pakistani Movie Operation 021 starring Shan, Aamina Sheikh and the gorgeous Iman Ali. This is where we are going to pack up new thriller action based on the real life events going throughout Pakistan including the Bombing of the Nato Tankers. The main genre of the movie lies somewhere between thrill and action with a sensuous touch of romance.

The movie is being directed by Summer Bodhi Nicks whereas the producing hands have been extended by Zeba Bakhtiar and Azaan Sami Khan. The lead roles are being played by Shan Shahid and Aamina Sheikh who have done a great job as depicted by the latest Upcoming Pakistani Movie Operation 021 trailer.

Upcoming Pakistani Movie Operation 021

Upcoming Pakistani Movie Operation 021

The Upcoming Pakistani Movie Operation 021 release date is expected in the year 2014.

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3 Responses

  1. Huma says:

    This is wonderful work you have done here i love all Pakistani Action Movies Can you send me the link of all these movies I will like to visit your site daily for new and updated movies.

    Huma Rani

  2. Q10 price pakistan says:

    Hats off to the makers of operation 021 to introduce this technology in Pakistan. One has to experience this on the big screen.
    Can’t wait for the overseas release. Sure super hit inshallah all the way.

  3. Noir A290 says:

    awesome trailer! just waiting f0r it to release soon man sami you are great director and you mom too

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