Upcoming Pakistani Psycho Thriller Movie Hotal First Look

Be ready and be surprised and a new genre of Psycho thriller is being added to Pakistani Cinema with the Upcoming Pakistani Psycho Thriller Film Hotal featuring Meera and many other big names like Akbar Khan, Humayun Gilani, Zakia Khan, Babar Aslam, etc.! The new Pakistani Psycho Thriller Film “Hotal” is totally a psycho thriller packed with suspense and off course psycho traumatic stuff.

The Pakistani Upcoming Psycho Thriller Film Hotal release date is intended for the year 2014. The social media has already been updated with the revealing of first look of Hotal Movie. The film Hotal is being scheduled to be released world over as it hits the cinemas in Pakistan.

First Pakistani Psycho thriller Movie Hotal

First Pakistani Psycho thriller Movie Hotal First Look

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