Top Grossers of Lollywood 2013

The year of 2013 has bloomed with lots of hopes, gossips, trends, changes, styles and beams and the best thing that happened to Lollywood in 2013 was its revival that made it boast of some of the best clips it gave in its history of film industry. The year has been full of hot and running sagas where the Lollywood business started jumping across the millions. This time we saw a really amazing surge with the release of history breaking movies like Waar, Main Hoon Shahid Afridi, Zinda Bhaag, etc.

We have gone a long way in getting to know their top grossing in the year of 2013 and this is really amazing to know that we have got some good grossers  that crossed even crores. This marked the revival of the Pakistan Cinema. We have created a list of the Top Grossers of Lollywood 2013 according to the box office collections made by them. Here we go:

1- Waar

Remake of Maula Jatt

Bilal Lashari’s Next is Maula Jatt remake

Waar has been in war with the Bollywood movies this year and quite proudly, it has gone a long way in shading the Bollywood movies like Chennai Express, Raam-Leela, Boss, etc. The confidence of the locals in the movie Waar made it the hot cake and it continued to break the records every next day. With the total collections recorded so for with Rs. 230 Million, Waar stands out of all of the films released in Pakistan.

2- Main Hoon Shahid Afridi

Main Hoon Shahid Afridi

Main Hoon Shahid Afridi

With an outstanding performance at the box office and truly endorsed by the local film industry, the movie has made a marvelous success grossing 55 Million Rupees this year. The prominent features of the movie included Mahnoor Baloch appearing in her first Lollywood movie, Mathira and Mahnoor competing each other in an item song, the new genre introduced to the cinema and lots of others.

3- Chambaili



Chambaili was the first of 2013 that went on the screen with good hopes and look it really met its expectations and made an unparalleled impact on the box office record of Lollywood 2013. Pocketing 20 Million Rupees, it was the first top grosser of Lollywood in the year 2013.

4- Zinda Bhaag

Zinda Bhaag

Zinda Bhaag

With a net collection of Rs. 20 Million in the year of 2013, this was a low-budget movie but it had the highest jump while getting selected for the Oscar Nomination. It bagged lots of commercial and critical awards being one of the best movies of Lollywood released in the year 2013. With new faces introduced into the Lollywood with the authentic performances, the movie Zinda Bhaag was truly acclaimed not only in Pakistan but worldwide.

Wikipedia List of Top Grossers of Lollywood History

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